Kids Zone

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The Kids Interactive Zone is a FREE attraction offering activities for kids of all ages. So come on down, take a break and relax with a coffee whilst your kids play, create and learn!

The Kids Interactive Zone will be running on both Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16th.

Plaster Painting

Be prepared for things to get messy with this free painting activity, uniquely colour some plaster models that vary from butterflies to monster trucks, to flowers and dinosaurs.

Giant Bubbles & Bubble Blowing

We have tubs of our super secret bubble formula and bubble wands so you can make giant bubbles! or why not make your own bubble wand on the day and join in?

Jumbo Board Games

Why not challenge a friend to a game of Jumbo All In Four, Bean Bag Toss or Naughts and Crosses?

Badge Making, Puzzles and more! *

Make your own badge, try your hand at some tricky puzzles or one of the other great activities courtesy of Mercy Care Early Learning!

*This activity is only available on Saturday 16th of October.

Community Stalls

Come meet some of your local kids community and sporting groups which are always looking for new members!


Family Rest Area

Families can take a break, sit back and relax all the while being within eye sight of most of the activities.