Show Regulations

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Content here may still reflect our previous show or be incomplete. Please check back nearer to the show for confirmation or contact the relevant show official.

The following Show Regulations & By-Laws are taken from the 2021 Programme and Show Schedule.

The Kelmscott Agricultural Show 2021

  1. The Exhibition Hall and Pavilions will be open to the public on Friday 15th October from 5pm to 8:30pm; and on 16th October the Exhibition Hall from 9am to 6pm, Flower Pavilion and Schools Pavilion from 9am to 6pm.
  2. Admission Friday and Saturday –

Purchase tickets – Adults $20; Seniors $12.50; Children 5 years to 16 years $12.50; Family Ticket (2 Adults and 2 Children) $50; Companion card holders (Accompanying Carer FREE) $10. Applicable Senior or companion card to be produced at the gate. Exhibitors are required to pay admission. Two-day pass for Family $67.52; Adults $27; Seniors $16.88; Children 5 to 16 years $16.88. 10% discount for online ticket purchases where discount code EARLYBIRD entered.

  1. Kelmscott Agricultural Society (Inc.) membership fee of $50 entitles the Member to one Member’s Pass, one Guest Pass and entry to member’s car park. Also gives voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. The Junior Members (under 18), fee is $20, but carries no voting rights. The Junior Member receives one Junior Member’s Pass and one single use Junior guest entry. Councillor’s Membership fee is $20 (only available to KAS Councillors), Senior Membership fee is $25, and entitlements entitles the Member to one Member’s Pass and entry to member’s car park. Also gives voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. All Exhibit Entry forms must be forwarded to reach the Entry Recorder by the date shown in the Information for Exhibitors. Late entries accepted at the discretion of the Entry Recorder. Late entry fee may be charged.
  3. The entry fee must in all cases be forwarded with the entry form. No entry will be accepted unless this is done.
  4. Every exhibit must be a bona-fide property of the exhibitor, both at the time of entry and on the day of the Show, excepting ring events, when the nominator shall be deemed to be the owner and will be allowed to borrow vehicles, harness or furnishings.
  5. All exhibits in Sections B (except in Flower Arranging (Floral Art) and Children’s Classes), and all exhibits in Section C (except Section C classes 3410 to 3413, 3421 to 3423), shall be grown by the exhibitor. All flowers staged become the property of the Society (pot plants and flower arranging (floral art) excepted).
  6. The KAS Council reserves the right to refuse, cancel or accept conditionally any entry without giving any reason for so doing. Entry fee will be forfeited for non-staging of exhibits.
  7. All entries are received subject to these Regulations and By-laws and the ordinary Rules of the Royal Agricultural Society.


  1. All stock must be competition ready. Exhibitors must take full responsibility for placing their exhibits before the judges.
  2. All male animals in breeding classes must be visibly entire. Any marks of spaying on females will disqualify from competing in such classes. Before any prize is awarded in entire classes, animals will be liable to be examined for unsoundness by the veterinary surgeon appointed by the Society. The decision of the veterinary surgeon shall be absolutely final and binding on all parties. Any entry by an exhibitor will be deemed an acceptance of this clause.
  3. No stallion will be allowed on the ground without an approved anti-rearing bit.
  4. No stock shall be eligible to compete which has been declared by the veterinary surgeon during the Show to be suffering from any kind of parasite, contagious or infectious disease; neither shall stock be entitled, if in that condition, to receive a prize if awarded, unless the committee shall consider the owner of such stock was not to blame in the matter. The veterinary inspector shall give his decision in writing, duly signed, to the secretary and such opinion shall be final as regards the conditions of such stock.
  5. Should an exhibitor request the attendance of a veterinary surgeon, all costs associated with the attendance of the veterinary surgeon will be borne by the owner of the injured or diseased animal. Veterinary services for Dairy Goats, Sheep and Cattle are not available during the Show and exhibitors should seek their own veterinary services if required.


  1. The whole arrangements as to position, classification and grouping of exhibits shall be under the control of the KAS Council.
  2. All exhibits must be staged by time as stated in the schedule. This does not apply to Horses in Action, in which case exhibits must be on the ground at least one hour before the advised time of starting the event or competition for which they are entered.
  3. Only exhibitors will be permitted to enter the Exhibition Hall prior to judging. All children must be accompanied by an adult. All exhibitors must leave the hall immediately after the delivery of exhibits to stewards.
  4. Exhibitors shall arrange the exhibits under the direction of the Stewards. No exhibits shall be afterwards moved without the sanction of the Stewards, under penalty of disqualification.
  5. The owner or exhibitor of any exhibit or stand of exhibits disapproved of as an exhibit by the KAS Council or its nominees must immediately remove such exhibit or stand of exhibits from the ground on notice to that effect.
  6. Exhibitors should ensure their exhibits are entered in the correct class. The Chief Stewards reserve the right to transfer any exhibit from one class to another if it is deemed inappropriate for the class entered.
  7. Exhibitors must ensure that their exhibits comply with specifications within each class, i.e. number of exhibits within a class, or maximum or minimum size of item.
  8. Any exhibit incorrectly entered will be marked “not in accordance with the schedule requirements” and will not be judged. No names, initials or other marks of identification are to be placed on exhibits except the official cards.
  9. Any exhibitor giving a wrong description of his or her exhibit with the intention of deceiving or defrauding the Society, shall be disqualified from exhibiting at any further Show and particulars of the case shall be published in the proceedings of the Society. Exhibitors will be required to make a Statutory Declaration regarding their entries should the committee so desire.
  10. A novice means a competitor who has not won a prize in any Show.
  11. 25. A maiden is defined as a horse which has not won a First Prize in any WA Agricultural Society Show prior to the time of competition.
  12. No competing exhibit will be allowed to wear any ribbon, badge or mark while being judged. (This does not refer to decorating ribbons or livestock identification marks).
  13. Exhibitors will render themselves liable to disqualification of the exhibit for removing any official placard, ticket or ribbon affixed or posted by the stewards, or by affixing of any other placard, ticket or ribbon in lieu thereof, or by refusing in any way to carry out instructions, and the Society shall incur no responsibility by enforcing these regulations.
  14. Exhibits in Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K must remain staged until Sunday. Exhibitors will be admitted between 8:30am – 9:30am on Sunday to collect their exhibits on production of their Exhibitor Identity Tickets letter/envelope.
  15. No stock or other exhibit, may be removed before 5pm on Saturday unless advised otherwise in the Schedule.


  1. In the event of there being no competition in any class, prizes may be given if the judges certify to particular merits. They are specially requested to withhold prizes even where there is competition, if the exhibits are of inferior description, or not suitable for the class in which they are competing, and they may award a second (or third prize where applicable) instead of a first, or may divide prizes.
  2. In the event of a tie for an aggregate trophy, the Champion or Best points will be used as a tie breaker. If there is still a tie the Exhibitor with the most First Places will be awarded the trophy. The relevant Chief Steward’s decision will be final. The Public and exhibitors will NOT be allowed in the hall or flower pavilion during judging. The Judge’s decision in all cases is final.
  3. In awarding Champion Awards in all sections excepting the Flower Section, the judges will select only from the exhibits which have gained first prize in classes eligible. in the Flower Section, Champion Awards, where given, will be awarded to the best bloom shown.
  4. Reserve Champions will be selected from the first and second prize winners in their respective divisions.


  1. Third prize points are awarded to Sheep entries only.
  2. One Prize Card only is issued for each prize won and each exhibit may compete for one prize only, other than specials, Section P and S, and Pen Classes are excepted. The Society’s scale of points is-Champion 4 points; Best Exhibit 3 points; First Prize 3 points; Second Prize 2 points; Reserve Champion 3 points; Third Prize 1 point- Points for Champion or Best will be added to totals only as a tiebreaker.
  3. An exhibitor or attendant refusing to attach the Prize Card to any exhibit to which a prize is awarded, and to keep the same on during the hours of the exhibition, will, on proof thereof to the Council, forfeit all prizes awarded to such exhibit during the Show and may be disqualified from again competing.
  4. Any prize which may be withheld in consequence of any valid reason shall be forfeited to the Society.
  5. Should any exhibit, having gained a prize, be disqualified (either by protest or for any other reason) the next on the list does not necessarily obtain such prize. The Council or its nominees with or without the advice of the Judge shall decide the questions.
  6. Persons contravening any of the Society’s Rules and Regulations shall forfeit any prize which may be awarded to them.
  7. Prize money not collected as specified in Information for Exhibitors shall be forfeited to the Society unless prior arrangements are made with the Secretary.

Dangerous, Objectionable or Diseased Exhibits/Displays or Articles.

  1. Should the Council or its nominees have any reason to suspect that any exhibit/display/ article is dangerous or objectionable, they may have same removed from or refuse its admission to the grounds.


  1. All protests must be given in writing to the Secretary, accompanied by a fee of $20, before 3pm on the day of the Show, excepting ring events. Protests for ring events must be lodged within a quarter of an hour of the judge’s decision. The money shall be absolutely forfeited to the fund of the Society if the protest is deemed, on due consideration, unfounded or frivolous.


  1. The Society shall be under no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any exhibitor in respect of any property exhibited by him, any of its servants or otherwise howsoever.
  2. Every reasonable care will be taken of exhibits, but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society. Ordinary precautions will be taken to guard against fire, and to protect the property of the Society and the exhibitors, but exhibits will not be insured at the cost of the Society.
  3. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by the exhibit or exhibitors, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnified against any legal proceedings from such accidents.
  4. No entertainment shall be allowed on the Ground without written permission of the Society.
  5. 47. Horses or dogs that are not competing are not allowed on the grounds without prior approval of KAS Council or its nominees.
  6. No Auction, Sale of Goods or Exhibits will be allowed, except by written permission of the Society.
  7. The holding of Raffles on the Showground is not permitted except by written permission of the Society.
  8. The sale and use of water pistols, fireworks or sparklers is strictly forbidden on the Showground. In addition, items deemed unsafe by the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Commerce are strictly forbidden on the Showground.
  9. Trophy and Award winners are reminded that a short note of thanks to the award donor would be appreciated. If you do not have the address, letters may be left with the Secretary or the Award Coordinator.
  10. The Society shall act and be governed by the uniform by-laws of the Affiliated Agricultural Societies of Western Australia.
  11. Changes or modifications to the Exhibition Schedule or these Show Regulations and Bylaws may be required after the Schedule is printed. These changes will be listed on our website
  12. Persons entering the Showgrounds waive all rights in relation to any photograph, image or likeness of them produced while attending the Show. The society retains all property and images it produces.

Privacy Statement

55. The information provided by you in your Application for Entry is collected and used by the Kelmscott Agricultural Society (Inc.) (KAS) to organise and conduct Competitions at the Kelmscott Agricultural Show. The KAS may publish details such as your Name, Suburb and Exhibit details in any KAS publication (including websites) or communication. Such information may also be made available to and published by the media. The KAS may also use your contact details to contact you about future Shows. The KAS will not disclose your personal information without your consent for any other purpose unless required or authorised by law. You may request access to your personal information and if necessary, request that our records of that information be corrected, by writing to the Secretary, Kelmscott Agricultural Society (Inc.), PO Box 40 Kelmscott WA 6991.