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The Kelmscott Agricultural Show hosts a day full of excitement for the entire family. Here is just a selection of the many attractions at this years show.

Sideshow Alley

Come and enjoy the ever popular sideshow rides and games on the main oval. All of the usual favourites will be there for both the big and small kids. This year there will be additional rides for the young kids outside of sideshow alley.

Trade & General Stalls

There will be a wide variety of food, variety and trade stalls available this year.

Main Exhibition Hall

Competitive displays in Vegetables, Fruit & Nuts; Dairy Products, James, Honey, Preserves, Pickles, Amateur Wine, Home Brew; Cooking; Knitting & Crochet; Needlework; Crafts; Manual Arts; China Painting, Pottery & Ceramics; Painting & Drawing; Amateur Photography. There will also be demonstrations and performances on the main stage.

Flower Pavilion

Competitive displays in general flowers, formal decorative art, informal decorative art, pot plants and children’s section.

Kelmscott Tennis Club

Come down to the Kelmscott Tennis courts from 1pm for games, music & fun and meet our new Coach Matt from Break Point Tennis Academy.

Schools Pavilion

Display of Schoolwork by 20 Primary Schools in the City of Armadale and Districts, proudly sponsored by Seadragonz Swim School.

Animals in the Children’s World

Competitive display in the Children’s Farmyard Nursery includes the following classes: Female and Progeny – Guinea Pigs – Mice – Cat or Kitten – Puppy or dog – Bird in cage – Fish – Crazy crab – Any other pet small or large. The actual entries or pets will depend on what is entered. Judging commences at 11am.

Animal Exhibits (Saturday only)

Competitive displays and judging of animals including dairy goats, donkeys, sheep, and cattle. Located on the river flat, with most judging commencing from 10am.

Animal Displays (Saturday only)

  • 9am to 5pm – Reptile Display (Snakes, Lizards etc) by Marc Lane
  • 9am to 5pm – Darling Range Wildlife Shelter
  • 9:30am to 5pm – Sheep Shearing Demonstrations by Jamie Campbell
  • 9am to 5pm – The Old MacDonalds Farmyard Nursery
  • 9am to 5pm – Pat a Lamb at the sheep section

River Markets

Take a stroll along the banks of the Canning River on Saturday and view and purchase items from the various Arts and Crafts stalls. You will also find a number of children’s rides for the little ones. Camel and Pony rides are also located here for the kids.

Log Chop

Competitive log chopping has for many years been an essential attraction at the Make Smoking History Kelmscott Show. The art of log chopping itself represents what our early settlers had to endure when establishing farms and town sites out of virgin bush land. The first known competitive log chop, which had a truly Australian appeal to it, happened in the late 1800’s in a hotel in Tasmania. Two timber workers of the day challenged one another to see who could sever a log in half the quickest. Who the timber workers were and who won is still a mystery, but this paved the way for a sport which has become world renowned.

City of Armadale
Fireworks Spectacular

Our annual fireworks show is on again this year and is bigger and better then ever! This is a treat for young and old alike. Bring your family and friends, grab a picnic blanket and sit under the stars as you watch the sky light up with amazing fireworks show, starting at 8.30pm.

Other attractions

Show Information Desk – Located outside the Main Exhibition hall.

Senior Citizens Rest Area – Come relax at the Senior Citizens rest area located near the Show Office and enjoy a cuppa provided by the Girls Brigade.

Community BBQ – A fundraising BBQ offered by the P&C from Pioneer Village School.  This is a great low cost food option at the show, freeing up $$$.